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Sunset and Sunrise Tours

A Breathtaking View of Sunsets and Sunrise!

Quick Details

Kayaks (single person) Group of One to Five people Price is per person
Kayaks (single-person) Group of Six or More People Price is per person
Tandem Kayak (two-person kayak)
Paddleboarders Groups of 1 to 5 Price is per person
Paddleboards Group of Six or More Price is per person

Behold the beauty of Myrtle Beach Sunrises and Sunsets While Paddle Boarding or Kayaking!

Sunrise and Sunset Tour information:

  • Take a tour of the scenic Salt Marsh during the most beautiful times of the day
  • Learn how to paddle board or kayak
  • How to kayak and stand up paddle board lesson included at beginning
  • Easy for beginners because of calm waters
  • Scenic environment and wild life
  • Relaxing but still a great work out
  • Fun group experience
  • Beautiful nature and chance to see all types of wildlife
  • Scheduled for best tide time, and sunset or sunrise.
  • Try paddle boarding or kayaking with us before purchasing one of your own
  • Photography available upon request!
  • Bottled water provided

What to Bring:

  • Sunscreen
  • Cheap Sunglasses
  • Water shoes recommended
  • Great Attitudes